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Washington State University
News Travels Spring 2016 Home 2
Students in a competition over body part vocabulary.
Students holding Russian nesting dolls
Students holding Russian nesting dolls.

Russian study in the DFLC has taken off this spring with more than 30 students enthusiastically mastering the language—the language of so many great writers, artists, and scientists, as well as a number of chilling, world-renowned villains. Russia, as a political state, has been both a friend and an enemy for Americans, but Russian people have continuously been interested in the American way of life, and its technological progress.

Today, Russia is focusing on developing businesses and industries in the country, understanding that it cannot survive on only imports, which opens vast opportunities for Americans to be their consultants and advisors or enjoy new business opportunities for their ideas. As a result, learning Russian can be that pathway that may take our students to their professional dreams in the future.

Knowing Russian also can be handy for those who plan to build their careers in Washington state, as Russian is the second most common foreign language here.

Observing DFLC students making friends with many other WSU students of Russian heritage, whom they meet in various classes, demonstrates additional aspects of the usefulness of learning Russian.