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Washington State University

Korean Studies

The Korean Program is Expanding!

The Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures is happy to announce that Korean will now have its own course prefix beginning in fall 2017! The program continues to grow under the leadership of instructor Hyun Gyung Lee.

The Korean section offers four levels of Korean, from beginning to intermediate. All four levels cover the fundamentals of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The first two lower-level classes will focus on the very basics of Korean language, such as Korean alphabets and conversational skills, and the upper-level classes will focus on reading and writing skills.

Spring 2017 Student Events

Yutnori (윷놀이)
Students in Korean studies played Yutnori (윷놀이) on Korean (Lunar) New Year’s Day. Yutnori is a traditional board game in Korea and usually played on New Year’s Day.


Gimbap (김밥)
Students learned how to make their own gimbap, a Korean-style seaweed rice roll.

2017-2018 Outstanding First-Year Students

Lu Chen
Jennifer Gomez