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Washington State University
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A taste of Russian

The growing number of students enrolling in Russian classes reflects the huge interest in the future job opportunities that require knowledge in Russian. Business students are aware of job openings for Americans in Russian oil businesses, and those who can communicate in Russian are priority choices in hiring. The CIA is one of the top organizations advertising jobs, and it is especially interested in hiring people with the knowledge of Russian language and culture. In Washington State, Russian is the second foreign language spoken in the Seattle and Spokane areas, where Americans with the knowledge of Russian find jobs in a number of businesses with a large mass of Russian-speaking clients.

Students interested in careers that may involve the knowledge of Russian can begin to learn the language every Fall semester by enrolling in Rus 101, and continuing on three more semesters with Rus 102, Rus 203 and Rus 204, four semesters total. These are competitive courses, priority goes to early enrollment. The first “taste” of Russian is acquired fast within the first two weeks when students begin to write in Russian cursive. Students also explore the culture, history, customs, food, music, literature, and politics—just a little bit since who knows what really is happening in the country of brown bears, figure skating, hockey, borsch and an all-human aspiration to be happy. Have a taste of this amazing language and culture, try to solve the mystery of its soul and, after class, make many new friends attending the student-run Russian Culture Club.

Russian tutoring available

Free tutoring in Russian is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30–5:00 p.m., Language Learning Resource Center, 210 Thompson Hall.

If you need help with your homework, papers, or presentations, please come by and enjoy a tutoring session.