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This has been another busy semester at the Language Learning Resource Center and, as we wind things up for the school year, we would like to thank everyone for making this a great year.

The LLRC has two monitors and all of our tutors are graduating this year. This is an incredible bunch of students and we will certainly miss all of them. We would especially like to thank our three ROTC members who will be getting their commissions and one student who is enlisting in the Army. Josh Korver is getting his commission in the Navy, Jared Haeg is getting his commission in the Marine Corps, and Ben Ducken is getting his commission in the Air Force. All three are getting degrees in Chinese as well. Ye Wang, our tech, is enlisting in the U.S. Army and will be leaving for Basic Training in May. To them and the rest of the graduating seniors, we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

The LLRC offers one of the best study environments on campus with 43 computers, 2 laser printers, 2 document scanners, and some very comfortable chairs. Students enjoy this quiet, comfortable environment for study. The LLRC is available for use by large and small classes and small study groups. We average about 30 students per day and occasionally see more than 45 students a day.

We strive to keep our technical equipment properly maintained and up to date. Recently, we replaced an old document scanner with a new model. We have started updating some of the computers to the Windows 10 operating system, and have purchased 3 licenses for the Adobe Creative Cloud package. Additionally, we purchased a new Canon High Definition video camera for use in classrooms and for class activities. This, in addition to our Canon Rebel digital SLR camera, is a very popular piece of equipment. We have also recently purchased two new high-resolution projectors for use in classrooms and spaces not equipped with such equipment. One of the planned updates this summer is to begin replacing the computer monitors in the lab with new widescreen, higher-resolution monitors.