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Washington State University

Russian Studies

Russian Area Studies Minor Is Back!

What an exciting spring semester for our Russian section! The Russian Area Studies minor has been approved and reinstated, and students are welcome to declare a Russian Area Studies minor, starting in fall 2017. The Russian section is grateful to all of the department’s faculty and administrative staff and the College of Arts & Sciences Office of the Dean for their support to achieve this goal. To complete the Russian Area Studies minor, students will need to earn a total of 17 credits.

RUS 203 and RUS 204 will provide eight credits, and students can then choose three more three-credit classes from the following: RUS 321 (Contemporary Russian Culture); RUS 361 (Russian for Professions);  RUS 410 (Russian Film); RUS 430 (St. Petersburg), in addition to a few more classes that will be announced soon.

For students who are studying business, it is beneficial to earn a Russian minor due to the substantial Russian-speaking population in Washington state. In addition, many companies are currently seeking employees with a Russian language background. The Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures is elated that we can now provide an opportunity for students to become even more employable once they graduate! In the end, this academic year has been a lot of hard work and fun for our Russian students.

Dr. Elena Smith saying “Do svidaniya, vsevo haroshevo” (“Goodbye and good luck”) to many of her students graduating this spring, and “Privet, dobro pozhalovat” (“Hi, and welcome”) to new and prospective students.

2017-2018 Outstanding Students in Russian

Scholarship Recipients 2018-2019

Cecilia Bueno
William O’Connor

Outstanding First-Year Students

Trevor Pfirrman
Ryan Watson

Outstanding Second-Year Students

Brian Carlson
Haylee Sauceda