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Washington State University

Season’s Greetings, Cougs!

The Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures is very proud to present the December 2015 department newsletter. This fall the department has worked tirelessly to continue our efforts on campus and throughout the world. This newsletter serves to give an insight on the department’s ongoing projects to promote diversity, expand the curriculum, and contribute to WSU’s effort to globalize education. Here in the department, we offer various courses and outreach programs to help prepare our students to enter the global society confidently and capably.

Recently, the department was recognized for being one of the top 10 Most Innovative Colleges for Learning Foreign Language. Check out the article

Letter From Our Chair

Department Chair Dr. Jolyon Hughes recognizes the advancements the department has made so far this year, even amid budget cuts. Read More

What’s new with the DFLC?

This fall the DFLC was proud to welcome two new social media interns and three new language options. Awareness of the department increased and our on-campus and online presence grew through social media and outreach campaigns. Read More

Language Learning Resource Center

The Language Learning Resource Center (LLRC) continues to be popular among students in the department, especially since the addition of language tutoring and media streaming. Read More


The Spanish faculty have advanced their credentials with significant new publications. Read More


French classes continued to thrive this fall. Our faculty made numerous achievements including running our annual event, the Palouse French Film Festival, with the University of Idaho. Read More


The German program continues to flourish largely because of its successful students, many study-abroad programs, and award-winning faculty. Read More


The Chinese Table has kept the language section busy with activities throughout the fall semester. The faculty have been very involved with increasing their publications and attending conferences. Read More


This fall, the Japanese program added two new majors: the standard Japanese Language and Culture Major and the Japanese for the Professions Major. The “Dual Immersion” Program continued to develop and receive positive reviews from its students, many of whom plan to take it again. Read More


The Russian section has been working diligently to get the Russian minor reinstated because of increasing student interest in this minor. Read More


The Arabic language option is new this year and many students have been interested in taking the courses. Learning Arabic has great benefits and opens up many career opportunities. Read More


Italian is back! Students enrolled in the newly offered Italian classes are expanding their vocabulary and learning about Italian customs. Read More


Korean started up again this fall and has drawn a considerable amount of interest. Students are learning how to read, write, and communicate in Korean. Read More

Other Campuses

While the WSU Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures continues to grow, our colleagues at WSU Vancouver and WSU Tri-Cities are also continually developing their language programs. Read More

Scholarships and Endowments

Students: Please apply for Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures scholarships. We would appreciate any support in awarding these scholarships and continuing the progress the department has made to elevate our presence on campus. Read More