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Washington State University

Chinese Studies

Faculty News from Professor Xinmin Liu

Since the beginning of 2017, Dr. Xinmin Liu continued the second half of his sabbatical leave with a couple of projects. First, as the guest-editor of Tamkang Review (Taiwan), he recruited seven contributors from Taiwan, South Korea, and the U.S. for a special issue on the theme of Speculative Fiction and Planetary Healing. Dr. Liu also started writing the theoretical framework as part of his critical introduction to the special issue. Second, as the chair and presenter of a panel for the 12th Biennial Conference of Association for the Studies of Literature and Environment (June 20-24 2017, Detroit), he has started writing a panel paper on “Hindsight as Foresight: Eco-storytelling in Root-seeking Literature of the 1980s.” In the meantime, Dr. Liu continues to flesh out in writing these two panel papers as the two unfinished chapters for his current book project, Agential Landscapes and Interloping Humans.

Faculty News from Professor Weiguo Cao

Professor Weiguo Cao is currently working on an annotated translation of the “Hereditary House of Chancellor Chen,” Chapter 56 of the ancient Chinese historical monumental work The Grand Scribe’s Records. This is part of the ongoing translation project under the direction of Prof. William Nienhauser of University of Wisconsin at Madison. The project thus far has produced six volumes of the translation of The Grand Scribe’s Records. Dr. Cao has published an annotated translation of two chapters for this project and his next translation is expected to be published in the near future.

Student Events and Activities

The Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures is proud to announce that student Regina Meeks won first place in the speech portion of the 16th Annual Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency Competition for College Students 2017 Washington State Preliminary that was held in April in Seattle.

Congratulations, Regina!

Regina Meeks with her trophy and friends after the language contest

Regina Meeks with her trophy and friends after she won the speech contest

Students of Chinese attended the Chinese Table and Chinese New Year Party that was held at the WSU Honors Hall in January. About 30 students representing all levels of Chinese competency attended. The students not only ate dumplings but also learned how to make them and enjoyed many other traditional Chinese foods to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Students attend the Chinese New Year celebration

2017-2018 Graduates Share Their Post-Graduation Plans

  • Students Michael Young and Josh Rowley  will study abroad at the prestigious CET program in Harbin, China, for the next academic year.
  • Student David Brown will study abroad at the elite ICLP program in Taipei, Taiwan, for the next academic year.
  • Student Ryan O’Dea will study abroad at the ICLP program in this summer.  

#GnomieHomie: Trudy Boothman

Trudy Boothman received the DFLC Outstanding Senior Award in Chinese. She graduated in May 2017.

2017-2018 Outstanding Students in Chinese

Scholarship Recipients for 2018-2019

Kaisha Davis
Samuel Hubbard
Jarred Mac
Regina Meeks

Ryan O’Dea
Jenna Reynolds
Michael Young
Jiaming Yu

Outstanding First-Year Students

Jarred Mac
Sierra Norris

Outstanding Second-Year Students

Regina Meeks
Michael Young

Outstanding Third-Year Students

Sarah Shepherd
Kevin Simeon

Congratulations to all of our outstanding students!