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New committee to select DFLC faculty member for prestigious award

This semester, the DFLC will be awarding its most prestigious award for faculty scholarship: the Mariana Merritt and Donald S. Matteson Distinguished Professorship in Foreign Languages and Cultures. To this end, the department has worked with Dean Daryll B. Dewald to select a committee of three senior, full-time faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences, not from DFLC, to serve under the direction of the department chair in order to identify and present the award. The committee is comprised of Dr. Marina Tolmacheva (History), Dr. Richard King (CCGRS), Dr. Michael Hanly (English), and Dr. Jolyon T. Hughes (Chair) and will begin accepting applications for the award in April and is charged with having a recommendation for Dean Dewald by the first week in May. Only full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty are eligible for the award and the term for each holder is limited to two years dependent on satisfactory performance evaluation through the department’s annual review process. Successive awards are prohibited.

This prestigious award is specifically designed to foster the understanding of foreign cultures through the teaching of literature, linguistics or foreign language pedagogy, and to engage in scholarly activities which benefit not only the faculty and department, but the academic community as well. The award recipient is expected to provide, in collaboration with others, departmental leadership for the maintenance of a strong program of scholarly work as well as teaching and outreach programs to prepare students to enter the global society.

Congratulations to the recipients for the 2015-16 scholarships!

On behalf of the Department of Foreign Languages & Cultures, congratulations to all of our recipients on their outstanding work and excellence as language students.


Trudy Boothman, Matthew Cressey, Kelsey Gallegos, Joshua Korver, Brittany Presley, and Seth Schneider

Film Studies

Laura Guido


Hannah Hill, Breanna Kelsey, Navjeet Lehal, Laura Peder, Maya Spencer, and Hannah Van Hoff


Hunter Benton, Grace Carrell, Jake Lines, Brittany Maziarz, Abbi Robocker, and Nicole Weaver


Victoria Bland, James Gierke, and Lin Yang


Max Arrington


Hailey Cates, Katie Lattin, James Masters, Tyler Munro, Raul Ramirez, Madeline Roberts, Ana Sandoval, Nicholas Semrau, Maxwell Spears, Hailey Wright, and Heather Young