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Film program expands

The Film Studies Minor program executive committee, coordinated by Ana M. Rodríguez-Vivaldi, submitted a series of revisions that have been partially approved, including extending the minor to both WSU Vancouver and the Global Campus; there are developing courses for online delivery, and we are adding courses to the core selections, and streamlining the electives. It continues to be a popular minor among all students!

Many WSU students are interested in film or working for the film industry in some way, but our university does not have a related program beyond the Film Studies minor that focuses on film history and criticism. The few production-based courses available are hard to get into due to high enrollments and are not available to non-certified students. Thus, the Wazzu Films club has taken over the mission of providing some hands-on training opportunities for our students, and exposing them to all the elements that go into producing a short film, in the independent cinema tradition. We do try to encourage professional behavior and set high expectations.

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