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Washington State University

Spanish Studies

Faculty Professional Development and Publications

Amanda Hussein presented at two conferences this semester; in March at the 20th Spanish Graduate Conference at Arizona State University, where she presented a paper on Spanish writer Lourdes Ortiz;  and in April at the Palouse Symposium on Culture, Art and VTS in the Foreign Language Classroom at the University of Idaho.

Maria Sere Previto‘s large metal sculptures, colorful portraits, and figurative drawings have been selected to be exhibited at the Gladdish Community and Cultural Center in Pullman.

Professor Mike Hubert: Hubert, M. & Vigil, D. (Forthcoming 2017) Using Writing to Teach Pronunciation: An Experimental Fourth-Year University Spanish Phonetics/Phonology Course. Applied Language Learning.

Professor Francisco Manz-Robledo authored the new book El Tumulto Del Pulque De 1692 Sor Juana, La Iglesia y El Virrey.

Professor Vilma Navarro-Daniels authored “De la Península Ibérica a la Península de los Balkanes: Descentramiento de la identidad nacional en ‘Gerreros’ de Daniel Calparsoro” (“From the Iberian Peninsula to the Balkans: Decentering National Identity in Daniel Calparsoro’s ‘Warriors’”) in Cuaderno Internacional de Estudios Humanísticos y Literatura (International Journal of Humanistic Studies and Literature), Universidad de Puerto Rico at Humacao. She also authored “‘De jueves a domingo’, de Dominga Sotomayor Castillo, o ‘el viaje a ninguna parte’ de in país llamado Chile” (“Dominga Sotomayor Castillo’s ‘From Thursday through Sunday’ or ‘The Journey to Nowhere’ of a Country Named Chile”) in Letras Hispanas, Texas State University.

2017-2018 Outstanding Students in Spanish

Scholarship Recipients for 2018-2019

Marie Andresen
Kelsie Archer
Shanelle Briggs
Miguel Carroll
Miryam Cruz
Paige Kershaw

Katie Lattin
Cassandra Phillips
Cynthia Reyes
Brenda Rodriguez
Janet Romero
Holly Varner

Outstanding First-Year Students

Canton Burleson
Kaitlyn Prudhon

Outstanding Second-Year Students

Hannah Cole
Alexis Nordman

Outstanding Third-Year Students

Sarah McKeehen
Brennan Hyden

Outstanding Fourth-Year Students

Emily Neeleman
Ashley Phelps

Outstanding Graduate Student

Erika Gallegos