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Hellos and Goodbyes to DFLC Faculty

This Summer, our friend and colleague, Dr. Rachel Halverson accepted a position as the Modern Languages and Cultures’ Department Chair at the University of Idaho. We thank her for her years of dedicated service to our department and WSU and wish her much success and happiness in her new home.

The German Section is pleased to welcome Instructor Karen Jennings this semester as our newest instructor. Jennings has taught German numerous semesters in the past, but she is now on a much more enduring basis with us, and we’re glad she’s here! Jennings will be predominantly responsible for teaching first-year German.

Faculty-led Study Abroad

The German division is pleased to offer two different faculty-led programs to Berlin this upcoming summer. Clinical Associate Professor Joshua Bonzo will lead a 2-week program to Berlin for lower division German students. No knowledge of German is required for this trip. This trip will visit cities and landmarks to learn more about European and German history. Students also have the opportunity to earn three credits in two weeks.

Join us in Germany!

DFLC Chair Dr. Hughes will lead a 6-week program to Berlin June 1-July 17. The WSU German Summer Program is in its third year.  Last Summer’s program was a success and had 13 students in combination with Colorado State University. This program is primarily for upper division German students. The program gives students an opportunity to earn six credits while immersing themselves in the German language and culture. Students may travel on the weekends to broaden their cultural and linguistic knowledge.

Join us in Germany!

Dr. Hughes and students in the Austrian Parliament building.
Dr. Hughes and students in the Austrian Parliament building.
Dr. Hughes with students in front of Schönbrunn castle in Vienna
Dr. Hughes with students in front of Schönbrunn castle in Vienna.


The German section of the department hosted a film night showing the film Good Bye, Lenin! Students and faculty joined together to watch this German film.



Hayden with gnomeMeet #GnomieHomie Hayden Arend, a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering with minors in Math, Chemistry, and German.

In your opinion, what is the largest benefit of learning another language?

In my opinion, the largest benefit of studying another language is having the ability to travel the world and immerse yourself in another culture. It’s amazing to have the opportunity to experience another way of life with respect to the varying social norms, traditions, and mannerisms in language.

How do you think your language skills will help you after WSU?

After graduating from WSU I’m hoping my language skills will offer me the opportunity to travel abroad and to potentially live and work abroad.

What advice would you offer to others who are interested in learning a foreign language but nervous about doing so?

The one piece of advice I would give to a prospective language student is that they should jump in—everyone has to start somewhere. There are so many interesting people I never would have met and experiences I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t started studying German, so I’d say the best thing to do is to just go for it.