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Language Learning Resource Center

The Language Learning Resource Center (LLRC) is a quiet computer lab for students to complete homework, study and print/scan class materials. The center offers multiple computers, printers and scanners. Students are able to check out equipment, such as cameras, audio players and projectors.

The LLRC also offer film showings so that students can watch films for their foreign language class assignments.

We also offer free language tutoring for all of our students through the LLRC. The undergraduate student tutors are recommended by departmental faculty because they demonstrate proficiency in their language of study. Tutoring is available for first and second year students studying  Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. The LLRC also hosts the STAMP Test, which is a language proficiency exam for student to demonstrate proficiency in their language(s) of study.

Language Learning Resource Center

Students studying in the LLRC

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